AdaScan future

Without you seeing a future for Cardano, I see little reason to support AdaScan.

As difficult as this is, it is precisely this sort of attitude and actions you have undertaken as to why if I was in charge of CMC that I would delist AdaScan also. Going with Emurgo gives assurances that they will continue to develop their explorer, now and a decade from now.

I disagree with your view on this, Cardano is an enterprise crypto, as such needs enterprise scan capabilities backed by an entity that will not simply turn it off over feelings, correctness or lack of is not a factor in this.


Hmmm, interesting.

So what happens when funding for Emurgo and IOHK runs out? Then what?

But who is “we”? The decision was made by CMC. If you think they care about the ethos of the crypto community, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.


Thanks a lot for your contribution! Adascan is amazing!
Hope all this issue can be fixed. That you can receive support from the Cardano Foundation.

Thank you for your quick reply @Nathan_Kaiser.

As mentioned by @SeanAlimov, this is a decentralized ecosystem and should be available space for everyone


I cannot speak for Emurgo, IOHK or the Foundation, but if history is any indication long before if ever, they will have open sourced it all and a community that has more to gain by advancing will carry Cardano.

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This is what I was referring to when discussing the idea that there is an “official” product. The idea that Emurgo think they are developing the official version of a product. I know we can’t change what third parties think are official, but we can try to influence their thinking.

That aside, my main concern was that they didn’t think to help @bovich expand AdaScan’s features instead of just trying to replace it.

I don’t know what they think, but if they produce it, it’s official by definition, if it’s produced by somebody independent of the big three, it’s unofficial by definition. Or at least that’s how I use the word. Nothing more or less implied.

they didn’t think to help @bovich expand AdaScan’s features instead of just trying to replace it.

There are various blockchain explorers already, I’m sure they never intended to replace any of them – unless maybe just the existing official one.

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Agreed :smile:

Emurgo is developing the official version, that is one of the reasons I’m so excited to see where this project will go. I equate Emurgo to RedHat, open-source software products for Cardano’s enterprise community.

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All good.

Maybe once things stabilise the big 3 will begin to dominate less and other developers will begin to feel they can contribute.


I was just putting myself in the shoes of @bovich and can empathise with the fact that he feels he has wasted a lot of time on a tool that has been superseded by the big guns with more money. That’s all I’m saying.

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Have you seen

I know this project is not like any other in large part because of Emurgo, I never want them to take a backseat, never.

Developers are contributing, no Dev I know would turn off their offering and post like this, none.

If I’m coming off as a bitch, I accept that, but please understand that actions such as this are not mirroring what Cardano’s Dev community is like, not at all.


Neither do I. That’s not my point.

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I think adascan has a new owner now…

I get that, I can understand where he is coming from, but at the same time his actions are not community based.

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Very sad to hear the news about ADAscan, Was also my favorite blockchain explorer by far. Like many have said and with Nathan showing his support, I’m sure a solution can be found.

Maybe if you would like to sell the project, we could organize some form of a community fundraiser to try and keep ADAscan going… I’m sure that many would rather donate a small amount to keep it going rather than see it disappear from our ecosystem.

You have done great work so far and all your time and efforts are very much appreciated!


I can probably host it for you.


After @Nathan_Kaiser reply explorer is back online. Haven’t expected so fast reaction. We will continue to communicate with Mr. Kaiser from here.:v:


Glad to hear it! :raised_hands:

Awesome, glad to hear the Cardano Foundation is keen to nurture community contributions.