Seiza, the new Cardano blockchain explorer is in town

congrats Emurgo! @vantuz-subhuman @SebastienGllmt @emurgo_nico


Great job guys!


Layout looks nice and site response is fast.
Does it currently support Daedalus wallet addresses? Yoroi addresses works fine but I when tried a search with my Daedalus address it showed “No items matching current query.” I then tried the same address on and and it worked.

I’m sure it supports Daedalus addresses. You can see them if you dig into the slots. I just searched one to very. If you can provide an address (doesn’t have to be yours) I can look it up.

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Here is the address. It works on cardanoexplorer but I can’t get it to work on Seiza. It’s a Daedalus paper wallet btw. Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I also tried this address from a Yoroi paper wallet and the outcome is the same. Works on other blockchain explorers but not on Seiza. I’m guessing paper wallets addresses aren’t compatible yet…? OR destination addresses without a single transactions doesn’t work?


EDIT2: Made an unused receive address on Yoroi and no results on Seiza. A different used Yoroi address from the same wallet worked, however. Can someone please verify.

No, to me it looks like Seiza shows this message if the address was never used. If you send 1 ADA to it, it will show up.

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Thanks. I may use other explorers for now to verify valid unused addresses. I’m sure there’ll be a fix for this in the future.