Bug in Cardano Explorer ?!


well i created an adress in an exchange and bought 489 ADA (Cardanoexplorer says the adress has 489 ADA stored). Then i sent 80 ADA to an adress that i created via Daedalus. The cardanoexplorer say afterwards a have 489 ADA stored. When i sent the funds back to the exchange the explorer says i have 569 ??? This is not a good sign. How can this be ?


If i recall correct, The Cardano explorer can have problems.
You can use adascan.net which is a great explorer as well !

As you may or may not be aware, there is currently a complete re-write of Cardano SL underway.

Since the existing explorer is tightly coupled with the existing code base, it will need to be rewritten for the new code base (and hopefully drastically improved). Since the rewrite is required, its not worth putting too much effort into fixing the existing explorer.

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I’m new to ADA and wanted to get to know the system a lil bit better and i found this inconsistency. You can verify it yourselves

bought 489.524084 ADA and deposit it to


Then i Sent 80 ADA to


then i splitted 80 ADA and sent 60 ADA to


The remaining ADA (approx 20 ) i sent back to


and the cardanoexplorer and adascan have listed a balance of approx. 509 ADA

The math doesnt add up. We have a problem.

Could you clarify what is the inconsistency? I tried to take a quick look and all the addresses you mentioned above seem to reflect the correct status. I might be missing something since @erikd, @AWiebe and @Psychomb seem to agree that there is an issue.
From the above (assuming ~0.17 ada as tx fee), 489.52 + 19.65 = 509.17 seems to correct?

Never experienced it first hand, but it is not the first time I hear/read people having issues. Hence my redirection to adascan…

SHORT VERSION: i bought 489 ADA for some euros. I played around with the sending in the cardanonetwork and now i end up that both cardano-explorer and adascan are showing 509 ?!

LONG VERSION: The first transaction 489 ADA - 80 ADA wasnt noticed by the explorer and adascan. This is the error. it should have decremented the Value that was stored in


by 80 ADA, which can be verified by looking at

If i now send approx. 20 ADA back then i have magically 509. With this Bug / Property i can increment the value that is stored in


multiple times more that i invested in the first place. Its looks to me that the “bug” is only in some Module that display the Blockchain content, because the values in the Adresses are correct, if i explore them with daedalus or the crypto-exchange.

(PS: I hope all the transactions you are talking about are from Daedalus, not an exchange. The way exchange managee transactions is quite different. A deposit address generated on an exchange is reserved for you to deposit funds, but that does not necessarily mean all the funds to that deposit address belongs to you. When you withdraw from the exchange, the funds could be withdrawn from one of the exchange addresses, not necessarily yours. Likewise, additional balance on that deposit address may be shifted by exchange )

The first transaction 489 ADA - 80 ADA wasnt noticed by the explorer

Thats because it was not sent from the address which holds 489 ada. Instead, it was sent from

In case you are not aware, Cardano uses UTxO model, which can be a bit confusing if you haven’t used it before. Check this link for current and future (extended) model.

I have not seen any inconsistency so far :slight_smile:

Mostly people who have issues is usually with understanding how UTxO works

True. The concept of digital change is quite a cognitive hurdle :slight_smile:

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