- site to verify Ada address you are sending to, before sending

Hi all,
We’ve made as a site where you can enter an Ada address you are about to send to, in order to confirm it’s both a valid address, and in fact the correct one you want to send to - before sending.

This was based on the issues noted in the earlier “Transactions made on Invalid Address” thread here, as a way to help prevent errant send problems.

To use - just enter the Ada address you are about to send to. The site will then query the blockchain and let you know:
a - is it a valid Ada address?
b - Balance of that address and most recent 4 transactions at that address (to confirm it’s not only valid but the exact address you intend it to go to).

Here’s a screenshot:

If you have any feedback, suggestions, etc. please post! Hopefully this will be a quick way to ease the stress of sending Ada.
Personally I always triple check everything before sending and wanted something like this as a way to better ‘see’ where it’s going before sending. And after reading through the “transactions made on invalid address” figured this would be a good step.


Nice! I hope that we will see an upgrade someday enabling a user name / photo feature just like we discussed in that thread

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Very nice!!
Maybe a few more pixels at the end:

Looks great, but why not use ?


Good job! Fast too.

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Obviously because this way it’s easier for beginners. At least that’s my opinion.


It’s nice.

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Thanks very much - the total space for addresses has been extended :slight_smile: It’s a bit tricky b/c Ada addresses are variable length, but I’ve added another 20 spaces and should cover almost all addresses.

Appreciate the feedback!

Bkonjevi hit the nail on the head…
The goal of AdaCheck was to make it dead simple to verify an address and make you feel comfortable/confident you are not sending your Ada to the wrong place…and thus more likely to use Ada.

CExplorer is great for developers or technically adept, but I wouldn’t point a beginner/casual user there as a way to verify an address. And ultimately Ada has to make it easy,easy to use and be comfortable using to grow the user base.

In addition, we do have additional ideas to extend beyond this which CExplorer doesn’t do, but for now the main point was make it super fast/easy/simple for anyone to verify where they are sending and thus encourage more day to day use of the Ada blockchain. (my mental test for the site design is could I direct a parent or relative to the site and could they readily use it…).

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!


Thanks Martin and Nsticco - definitely appreciate the positive feedback!

Don’t get me wrong I think the involvement of community is great. But, remember… why complicate smth that you could do it the easy way. IMHO is the safest bet. What if your website gets hacked and gives wrong info?


Couldn’t get hacked as well? I think it’s a good idea to have multiples of most web services. If one’s down for maintenance, the other will still be available. One also might offer an advantage that the other doesn’t and spur competition.


I think it’s great for Cardano community and value of Cardano the crypto asset for its community to really get involved in this way.
Besides the application is very user friendly and fast.
Good work @MegaWind

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Yes, this info shoul appear automatically when you place the code in the box in the official wall Wallet. It’s a glimpse of the future no doubt. Good work.


Charles has mentioned in one of his recent interviews that the address length will be shortened in a future update. He made no indication of what the length might be. Something to keep an eye out for.

Defnitely and thanks for the feedback - this is the ‘human readable address’ feature and we’ll absolutely be on top of it to support it once it rolls out. That’s a big feature for Ada to make it’s use much simpler than it is today.

Was able to use to verify a site that is selling Amazon gift cards via Ada purchase (

Looks good - 25 sales, one in process (current price is $217.10 = $100 Amazon gift card):