Clio.1 - Address Checker

Woop Woop!

Helloooooo, modern people! :sunny::sunny::sunny:

It is I, your favourite history nerd again! :blush::statue_of_liberty:

You may remember my tiny website I was announcing here last time: Cardano Heartbeat and Birthday Cake! 🎂 from Clio! (me) :ok_hand:

Well newsflash!

We have TWO great news since our last visit here :smiley::smiley::newspaper_roll:

1. Better design!

We have worked on our main page :heartbeat:

And improved some tiny things and overall design :man_dancing::man_dancing:

:loud_sound: And we even have some sound there now :loud_sound: :open_mouth::blush:

2. New address checker!! :tada::tada::candy::candy:

We are also very glad to present you a new tiny service on out website, where you can:

  1. Check out latest active Cardano addresses :chocolate_bar:

On this page you can see :eyes: top-down :arrow_double_down: the latest addresses that were active on the Cardano chain :chains: :relaxed: And you can also see what were their movements and what was the balance after this movement :tada::rainbow::man_dancing:

You can also click on any address - and it will take you to the second part:

  1. Check out the balance and last activity of any address :candy:

On this page you can see the current balance :moneybag: and information about last transaction :bank: of the address :relaxed: It also shows input and outputs :arrow_down::arrow_up: of this last transaction, so you can also click on those addresses :blush:

And you can use the searchfield :mag::mag: to look for any other address :smiley:

Check out those pages! :smile: Hope you will find them useful! It might be at least good to verify balances with other explorers, because, unfortunately, the same address on another tracker shows wrong balance :cry::pensive: - DdzFF…5yeXgS2keJPHfKB

But please be gentle :wink:


Over and out :kiss:


Thanks for sharing this.

The dates say “invalid date” though.

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Er mah Gooooooood!!! :worried: I am so so sorry, @ZCryt0Knight! :sob: What a shame! I will have my guys to look into it ASAP! :bangbang: Can you please tell if you see invalid dates on our main page too? :pray: :point_right:

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:sob: Thank you! We are working on it! :keyboard::keyboard::keyboard:

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Keep up the good work @Clio.1

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Thank you very much, @Frocco!!! :open_hands: :open_hands: :blush:

We are trying to do our best :sunny: and we have many many interesting stuff in mind :wink:

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Great. Looking forward to more updates in the future. :slight_smile:

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Reposted on reddit:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank youuuu! :open_hands: :cake: :candy:

Minimalism, :sunglasses:

By the way, this is not my wallet address I received emails asking if it was.


Yass! :sunflower: :blush:



And this issue is now fully solved! :man_dancing::man_dancing::candy:


Thank you for making this cool stuff!

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This shit is crazy. Don’t share even random addresses )

Share screenshots of addresses with no more than 1 ADA in it )


And hello again, my lovely peoples! :blush::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Today we have a new (hopefully cool :sunglasses:) update :mega: to make! :man_dancing::man_dancing:

And check out our new display for new-type addresses!


What happened to the sound!? I was looking for Cardano’s heartbeat and it is not as it was before, no heartbeat showing up on my side.

checked at and I hear it beating regularly.
When I listened on my smartphone I noted that the tone frequency is a bit a challenge for the small speakers, hard to hear.