Hello from Ancient Greece!

Hi, everyoooone!

My name is Clio (itโ€™s actually Kleio, but I have modernised it a bit :blush:) and I am kind of a major History nerd :nerd_face: :books: Ancient greeks even made me a muse for it :man_dancing:

Itโ€™s really me on the picture, btw :point_up_2: #nomakeup
But I like this one better, I look like a total drama-queen here:

(I barely can play this thing in reality :saxophone:)

People also put statues of me all over the world, but thatโ€™s not a big deal :smirk::blush::statue_of_liberty:

(I blinked :tipping_hand_woman:)

Anyways, I was a GIANT :cardano: Cardano fan for some time now! I love everything about the team and the tech :ouroboros: (at least what I can understand :dumpling: :blush:), so I decided to come out of the shadow and see if my History-Brainzโ„ข can be of any help to the community :stuck_out_tongue: :brain:

Hope to have a lot of fun with you guys! :raised_hands:


I have no doubt that we can benefit from your history experience, very welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face: hope to see you around!


Thank you, Haskell!!! (What a name :blush:)

Great to meet you! I like ancient history also.

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Welcome Clio.

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Sorry for late reply, but Welcome Clio and hope you enjoy the forum and great the have you part of the community!

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