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Hellooooo, peoples of the earth! :alien::earth_asia:

Just joking! :blush::blush: It’s your favourite crypto/history nerd again :dancing_women::statue_of_liberty:

You may remember me by my previous posts, like the: Clio.1 - Address Checker :wink:

#Cardano80s are in full blossom! :man_dancing::man_dancing: (Check out our twitter feed if you have zero idea what I’m talking about :wink::wink: Mullet)

And what a glorious time it truly is!

And we decided to add something to the glory! :smile::sunflower: And we present to you:

Cardano Coins Distribution!

On this page you can see how Cardano cash monies :moneybag: are distributed among all the addresses from richest :money_mouth_face: to not-richest :wink::smile:

Check out the detailed explanation from one of my guys (:nerd_face:) in our newest blog post :tada:

And don’t forget that you can also see a smol lil tiny distribution summary right on our “Latest Cardano Addresses” page!


Hope y’all like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and please please :pray: give us any feedback or ideas right in here or with our email:



@philpa :wink::wink::wink::blush:


Very cool. I have a great use case for your coin distribution page. Is it possible for me to make a video? I would credit you of course.



This would be a pleasure and an honor! :tada: :blush: :raised_hands:


Thanks for the great work. Just released the video.



Thank you so much, @philpa! :star_struck: I like it very very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
(And sorry for the late response :wink::sweat::blush:)