ADAland Metaverse - is it a scam or not?

I’m new to the NFT space and I’m aware of the potential scams out there that could steal people’s hard earned money through cryptocurrency like Cardano. I hope I get to meet people who have a lot of experience in this field.

ADAland metaverse recently released information on a few team members’ identities to gain more trust. They even listed team members’ linkedin pages with Adaland metaverse in their experience board. Are that good enough for people to give their trust in them? Are there any red flag I need to be aware of?

Here’s link below to their homepage and make sure to check team members and such.

I want to hear your thoughts about this, thanks!

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Adaland project was mentioned on this topic

Im looked at this metaverse project some while ago and it seems legit if you look closely into it.
.team partly doxed
.some good developers && people with strong crypto experience onboard
.demo looks actually promising

we need more elite/flagship project on cardanoblockchain / hope this one becomes one

in general if people dox it is a good sign - and the more impressive the dox people are the better


Hi Cardano community,

we appreciate the discussions going on here.

To add some more information to the discussion, here is some extremely transparent information on our current progress.

  • We have decided to delay our Land Sale 1 to 17th of May:

  • At AdaLand, we focus on delivering technology developed by our team and no external pre made system. Therefore, we need to have a stable smart contract system that will allow you guys to connect your wallets to the mint and the interactive map seamlessly without issue, and we are not satisfied with the current version of our system. So in order to avoid issues with massive minting traffic on launch day, we decided to delay our land sale by a number of days so our members avoid encountering any errors or problems.

  • After we decided to dox ourselves and provide the names of some of our founders and team members behind AdaLand we were FLOODED with requests for cooperations and co-developments on LinkedIn. We were very busy having calls with various other projects and institutions in the past couple of days - big things are coming. It is especially encouraging to see lots of inbound interest by people that previously didn’t have strong touchpoints with the Cardano blockchain

  • Our vision has become bigger and bigger over the past days and weeks as a function of talking to numerous professional venture capital and angel investors. And we want to incorporate all of these impulses before our first land sale, that’s why…

  • …we still have many value propositions that have not been communicated about AdaLand yet but will be in the coming days and week (so keep your eyes and ears open :slight_smile: )

  • in other words, even though we already build a thriving community of thousands of Cardano enthusiasts, there is even more room to grow

In the meantime, feel free to study our whitepaper, interact with the community in our Discord or even get in touch personally with our founders and team, for example via Linkedin.