Metaverse MetavillageCnft SCAM

There is a new twitter project that has popped up that has several red flags of a scam.
Please be careful investing in this project. The twitter account has been open since May 2011 but the tweet history doesn’t match.
The project has only recently appeared with a mint almost immediately available.



This is definitely a SCAM!
Even in the white paper they make a mistake and claim to be on the Solana blockchain although the twitter claims it is on the Cardano blockchain.


Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Stay safe and informed everyone!

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Thank you! I like to think that it helps build a better stronger community. But it still feels good to hear those positive impacts.


Scams are a big issue with crypto. Finding a way to make it more difficult for the scammer. While educating newcomers and steering them in the right direction. Could help drive more people to adopt this awesome technology.

Good luck with your investigations. Feel free to reach out to me if you want help or another opinion in your hunt.

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