Alonzo Purple: Variation on a theme!

TL;DR There are hundreds of real projects out there but there will be thousands of fake ones!

To ADA users be VERY careful which projects, apps, sites, etc you participate in. I have seen 3 scams in as many minutes tonight. These are popping up all over this forum which means there is even more of them out there on social media and elsewhere.

Here are the variations I saw today:

“Try out my new dapp and let me know what you think!”

  • typically includes instructions or interfaces to “fund a wallet” to access their “services”
  • HINT: if they are providing an address it’s not your wallet you are funding

“Check out our whitepaper on the best [insert anything]!”

  • typically includes absolutely no code, developers, or anything other than a “token presale”
  • HINT: if they are providing an address it’s not a token you are buying

“Need help testing [insert anything] for project we just launched!”

  • typically includes asking for ADA sent to an address
  • HINT: if you haven’t seen the pattern yet do not participate in ANY projects until further notice

If any real developers out there want to help please report these fake projects as you run across them, add additional examples as you see fit to this thread for the giggles, or do whatever you think might help short term until the next variation of scams surface.

I am also open to suggestions on vetting or auditing projects to compose a registry of real work! Perhaps we need a Cardano Compendium website that gives summaries of projects goals, development progress, token policy ids, legit domains, etc before this gets out of hand and detracts from the hard work of many that is just getting warmed up.

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