Are these scam sites?

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We are lucky that @inputoutputhk Tweeted a warning about ADA Yield Finance being a scam.

I would also like to know if Cardstarter and Occam are legitimate as both claim to the first launchpad.

And what is the fastest way to know if a project is genuine, do you have a list of approved projects?



The team is currently looking into both of those projects and it seems like Occam is a honest project.

You may want to read more about them here : Hello from the Occam Team! - The Razer’s Edge of DeFi Arrives on Cardano

I cant really say anything to Cardstarter right now, because i just dont know them.



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We are here and we are reading your messages and feedback! We will release more information about our offering and ecosystem shortly. Thank you for your questions and participation.

The team


Here is a video with an interview with the President of the Occam Foundation:

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