AdaStat Pool

I have my ADA delegated to adastat pool. I usually check the pool performance on the . Today adastat is not listed on the Cardano pools list. Is this ok?
This is their page


it is, I don’t know how did u checked

I usually search for it on the Cardano Pool list search field, and it is not there. I found it using the top search field after you shared the link.

It seems that does not have a rank or is not in the rank list. Does it mean something?


Nope, try a different browser; this one can have filters applied (or reset the filters)

I tried Edge and still not showing up

anyway should not be a problem, you can search also on (by ticker) or on

Right. Indeed I used Firefox and didn’t find it.

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I tested and with all filters disabled you can find the pool

Thanks! Found it that way. BTW, I just found out that you have a pool. I’ll check it

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: