ADAtainment Article Series


about a month ago we started an article series on As soon as an article is published, I will post it here.

All articles are available in English and German. You can switch the language on the bottom of the site, have fun!


Hi Tommy!
Still thinking on your last two blackboard videos, they are amazingly well and easily explained! Hispanic members often ask questions about how staking pools work and your last video would bring a lot of light to them (as for me). Since your last two videos contain very few written words, I think that they would be very suitable for being dubbed. May I ask you permission to do that?:grinning:

By the way, do you wish to add the spanish flag to your site?
“Wallet and their attack vectors” article was already published in spanish. Simplified Road Map, What is Cardano? and What is Staking? can easily be translated

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That would be great to see.

Yes, if you can send me the links I can add them below the text. Thank your very much.