ADATools CodinGame Tournament

Operating a stake pool requires a lot of technical knowledge. From general operation, to security, to debugging. Sure, it’s easy to follow a guide and setup a pool, but Cardano is a lot more than letting a server sit idle producing blocks. Are SPOs getting ready for what’s to come?

At the moment there’s not much incentive for SPOs to improve their skills and there’s no real way for a SPO to show off their skills to their delegators.

How many SPOs know Haskell? As a 7 year full-stack developer myself, I don’t know Haskell and functional programming is completely foreign to me. Is Haskell essential? Not that I can see. With the alpha release of Cardano’s contract system, Marlowe (, you can use Haskell or JavaScript (or neither). I still want to learn it anyway, and I’m sure other SPO’s do as well.

To give SPOs an incentive and to also help teach them more about programming, I’ve integrated into ( and created a verification system so that SPO’s can compete against other SPO operators. This will also show pool delegators that their SPO knows what they’re doing (to some degree).

Why CodinGame? Check it out. It’s awesome!

How does the registration and verification system work? At this stage only SPOs can register and verify, but I might open it up down the track. CodinGame is free for anyone to join though. To register to the ADATools CodinGame Tournament, take a look at the FAQ on the website:

Will there be prizes? In the future there will be weekly and “most improved” prizes, but at this point there needs to be a decent amount of registrations and active users so I can work out the best way to move forward.

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