Games That Might Help Cardano Decentralization


I am creating a games that probably will help Cardano decentralization. But I have several issue that can lead to pros and cons in the community. Therefore, I bring this idea to this forum to see the reaction from Cardano community both delegator and SPO. I really hope you like the idea.

Main Concept

My main idea is to create delegator to move around from exchange to SPO and SPO to SPO, so Small SPO have a better chance to produce block. Not only the big SPO create the block each epoch.

I create 3 kinds of real medals (Not NFT). Bronze, Silver (999 Silver Coated), and Gold (24K Gold coated). Which I or other SPO that will give to the delegator.

Please see the table below.

From Pool Hopper ~ Exchange Heist. The medal will be sent from me direct to the delegator. From Pool Fest~Richie Rich, the medal is send from the related SPO. SPO can buy the reward from me (with cost) and the SPO can give to whoever delegator that suit for them.

In order this games can work well, I really need the support from Cardano community, including SPO and delegator. I will be appreciate if any of you guys give a comments.



Reserve for future use.

Basically, I think it’s a great idea. To make the whole thing more attractive I would consider the following things.

It would be great, if a “Cardano-youtuber” would weekly or biweekly report on it and “heat up” the
and or
There is an own Pigy-Live-Show (~10-20 minutes) on Youtube where reports from the Pigy community and or also the Golden pigys are introduced / interviewed.
and or
A live award ceremony at the Cardano Summit in September.

I would also like to have a media partner.

As I said I find such virtual competitions cool but even cooler if they can also be followed in reality and through various media (video, podcast, blog).

So let´s go! :slight_smile:



To commercially better understand this proposal, can you briefly explain what the incentives are per party. hence, delegator, SPO and yourself. What is for these parties that they win or incentivizes them to join the game.

Thank you for your suggestion and thank you for your support. I would love to have youtuber / endorsement from any Cardano youtuber / influencer. I will look forward to this option. About the ceremony, I don’t think there is enough time. Because I plan to start around Sept and it will takes about 20 epoch / season. So probably will end on Dec. So the first reward delivery probably around December.
But, I hope that this project is support by Cardano community. The more the better.

I am preparing it right now. This first post is just for introduction of the rewards and see if the community accept it or not. Thank you for your reply.