Adax is a serious project? I mention that I’m beginner. The first sign of doubt for me is the exchange “”, which suddenly became popular because of token ADAX. What kind of parteneriat they have? Second strange thing is the limitation of orders (minimum 50 Adax for buy and if you want to transfer is minimum 100 USDT for withdrawal).

Any suggestion is welcome before investing in this project. Thanks!

I had the same feeling. Exmarkets is located in Estonia. I got some and transactions were smooth, no problems. ADAX team is small and seems amateuristic, their CTO has 93 connections on LinkedIn and 3years experience as a Dev ???
Roger Ver is the most known in the Crypo community being connected with, Kraken, Ripple,, BitPay, etc.
Their Stratetic Advisor is a former professional surfer? lol.
Although they now have a partnership with Charli3

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the exchange is fine, now i think the project isnt.

i asked for the name of the audit firm. they dont reveal it. fishy, no code…

@X_Shop do the math yourself:

  1. Adax rushed with ICO months before smartcontract launched.
  2. They are associated with Exmarkets and exmarkets has poor repute, also nobody knows who is CEO of exmarkets
  3. 0 interviews with their CTO (this is most important position in programming project) - as far as i’m concerned he has no experience allowing him to pull off successful DEX project.

Add 1+2+3 and check out what is the result :slight_smile: