Did I get scammed?! newbie seeking knowledge and advice :)

I did get invested in a project (cardano dex) and after following it I noticed that the staking wallet which as I understand should have the staking rewards didnt get less with time and after 6 monthes it it remains untouched (people who are staking did get their rewards ) , the price is got 95% down from seed price and the communcation suck (they do talk but they do like to answer quistions ) …they did deliver a testnet which was semi working with alot of bugs … I have no I dea if I should take the loss (95% on 6k ) at this point or see it through … anything would help at this point even sharing experience and thoughts, +
thx in advance.
ps. can happley provide any info about the project if needed …

If it is on this list Acardex is a fraud, updated list of related scam projects chances are high that it is a scam.

Taking a bit longer to deliver and incurring heavy losses in token price are not sure signs of a scam per se. But even if something is not a scam, it may happen that it never recovers from initial losses.

A lot of legitimate native tokens are underwater at the moment even if you only look at the exchange rate to ADA. If you look at the exchange rate to EUR or USD, it is, of course, even worse.

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thx for the fast reply , it is Doex and with a mc of 45k I really hard way to climp back up :frowning: as I siad it’s my first bear and I just dont know if that is normal or not !

Never heard of that project before, neither that it is scam nor that it is promising.

If they are legit, it will be hard to compete against the already existing DEXes. They will not be “the first” anymore. And even the tokens of the other DEXes that are already launched and operational are not really going to the moon.

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