Is this a scam" (Links removed for reader's safety)

Got this from a CoinDesk? email.

In a reminder that things can change fast in crypto alt-space The Cardano Foundation launched [The Official Cardano AlphaPool], that promises yields higher than any DeFi on the market, while pushing the standard higher for all pool owners.

  • Cardano matches Ethereum’s 12% APY bet and raises it up to [25% APY + bonuses]. Stakes have never been higher for cryptos offering Proof of Stake on their respective blockchains.
  • One of the leaders in development and value has been Cardano, as such it’s been battling competitors in the crypto savings space, trying to draw in more people and funds in its ecosystem. In order achieve this, the team of core developers is now making publicly accessible a highly secretive project that represents an official, foundation-backed Staking Pool dubbed [“The Official AlphaPool”.]
  • Early registrants are set to receive handsome rewards in some cases, [1:1 on their balance] However, there is a minimum amount needed in order to join in. Read [the official announcement here]

without really looking into it, I’m guessing 98% chance yes it’s a scam

Yes I agree too highly likely a scam and some should be done to clarify

I also got it. It looks like a fairly elaborate scam. It also has a link for stellar staking. Does stellar even do staking ? I thought it was a proof of code system.
It’s most likely related to the Leger hack.

Unfortunately, I fell for a different Stellar scam from these same people. It looked so legitimate. The pages you were sent to had the same logos, color schemes, fonts, etc. as the real Stellar website. I lost 100k Stellar Lumens. It took me several days to get past it.