Is this a scam website? Or not?

He Guys,

I just read an article which promoted Cardano staking services…

I wonder if it is a scam. And if so we need to do something about it…?

See https://cardanostaking.(org)

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Anything happens, but most likely another divorce for money.
Всяко бывает, но скорей всего очередной развод на деньги.

Mmm, I really don’t understand what you are saying…

The meaning is very simple, collect as much as possible and disappear.
Смысл очень прост, собрать как можно больше и исчезнуть.

So a scam in your opinion as well…Thanks

There is no reason why you should use a third party service for staking instead of delegating your stake directly from your wallet. This is probably a scam and I suggest you avoid services like this.

There is 0% risk when staking (delegating) yourself and there is no incentive for these services to offer you higher rewards than what would you earn yourself.


Thanks. We should take action against this tbh…And also take action against coinspeaker who approved this press release.

To be honest, I personally am sick of such projects.
The Internet is full of such projects.
Sincerely, Gennady
Если честно, лично меня тошнит от подобных проектов.
Подобными проектами интернет просто забит.
С уважением, Геннадий.


I am not saying I am 100% sure that it is a scam. Maybe not. But personally, I see no reason why would anyone want to use such service.

Hello and thanks for brigning this to our attention. We will look into it and if necessary take further action. We advise anyone to proceed with caution when it comes to (rather lucrative) offers of third party staking platforms and wallets. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

In order to delegate your stake you don’t need to send anyone anything! Keep this in mind.

Furthermore, please visit this forum post for more safety tips and instructions!


Gut aufgepasst,eindeutig ein Scam.

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Please, if you can, check this other website:

1 Like Centralized pool for those who have installed a full node and wants to engage in passive income. I could be wrong:-)
Централизованный пул для тех кто установил полноценную ноду и хочет заниматься пассивным доходом. Могу ошибаца:-)

I think it is going to be a challenging time for some ADA holders, as there are potentially 3 types of websites they will come across relating to earning rewards from staking their ADA.

  1. Stake Pool Operators - While these are obviously legitimate (zero risk) and are just websites to promote pools also listed in applications such as Daedalus and Yoroi, will the non-technical be able to understand the difference.
  2. Staking as a Service - Even Charles has talked about some exchanges offering this service. These may be legitimate, but they are not without risk, as you need to send your ADA to them as you would if you wanted to trade on their exchange.
  3. Scams - While they are trying to steal your ADA, how does anyone know for certain whether a site is a scam, especially if they are passing themselves off as one of the other 2 above. While those advertising rates higher than what is officially available will stand out more, some may not be as obvious.

So if we can’t say with any certainty which of the above types of websites the URLs listed so far are, it will become a minefield for the average holder when there are hundreds or even thousands.

If I were IOHK or the Cardano Foundation I would be taking the hard line approach of suggesting NEVER send your ADA anywhere. I realise that this may impact on legitimate Staking as a Service businesses, but by supporting this model it opens the ADA community to risk through having to determine which are legitimate.

I would also go as far as recommending that wallet/delegation applications (as more will popup as Cardano grows in adoption) are certified by the Cardano Foundation (certification could be performed by a third party contracted by the Cardano Foundation) so that users could feel confident using applications not officially released by IOHK or Emurgo.

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I have seen many scams and they don’t come as obvious as this.

With a bonus wallet to store all your digital assets in one “safe” place :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Run for your life.

Can Phil or anyone else explain how that could be legitimate, and/or point me at where CH talks about it?

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Thanks Phil. Some people stay with exchanges despite all the warnings, so it makes sense for exchanges to offer this service to them. What I don’t understand is how a standalone staking service could justify their existence. Seems to me it would be fine just to tell people they’re all scams.

The wiki was just attacked, presumably by somebody associated with this site. The line about it on the Scams page had the URL TLD changed from .org to .com (that site doesn’t exist), and it was added to the Staking Pools page. They seem quite pro-active!

Edit: I’ve protected both pages.

Edit 2: In case anyone’s interested, the main person behind the site seems to be a London-based female lawyer and mathematician!


I am interested :slight_smile: Lets do a private chat Rob?

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