Additional Epoch delay before Stake Pool fee changes become active

I’d like to propose to add an additional 5 day, 1 epoch, delay on when a pools fee change goes into effect. Right now if I file a fee change in Epoch 268, it will go into effect in Epoch 270. A Delegate that changes their delegation to a different pool in 268 also becomes effective in 270. This allows an SPO to change minutes before the end of the Epoch, and does not allow the delegate to change pools to avoid the new fees. We have seen this recently with the CRO pool and the CF stake. An extra epoch before the change becomes active will allow the delegates to change their delegation.
Additionally there is a more Taxation related reason behind this. Since the SPO can have influence over the size of the “commission” without the Delegate being able to intervene, it could be argued that the SPO controls the distribution of the reward, by which the whole reward of the pool (delegate rewards + fees) could be seen as revenue of the pool. By this the pool could be seen as in charge of the distributing the rewards (which is is of course not), with all negative impact that could have.
Let me know what you think.

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