Switching pools during an epoch on yoroi

What happens if, during an epoch lets say #10, I switch staking pools twice? Will I be forced to spend an epoch on pool 1, or will it negate pool 1 and go straight to pool 2 (after the obligatory 2 epoch wait) ?

As far as I understand it will just kill your delegation for pool 1 and delegate to pool 2.

Yea it will just kill off the delegation from 1 and go to 2 the only thing you’ll have to spend on is the delegation fees of 0.800000 ADA

Thanks all, you were correct.

Each epoch in the ITN runs for 24 hours (doesn’t coincide with a day). If during an epoch (24 hour) you switch pool, your delegated stake will not appear in the new pool until the next epoch (next 24 hours). So you would not receive a reward from the new pool for the epoch during which you switched to the new pool. Your reward for the last epoch will come from the old pool from which you switched. Basically delegates are updated for the start of a new (next) epoch and not during the current running epoch. Hope it helps.

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Thanks,it does. By the way Yoroi is working really well today!

Someone staked to my pool using Yoroi. 3 days or 3 epoch later, they didn’t receive any reward. I checked their public address and they did not delegate to my pool. But Yoroi gave them confirmation that they did. He showed it to me. He wanted to know why. I thought there was a problem with Yori. I told him to try delegating to another pool and see if the problem persisted.

interesting …