Staking question

I want to change the stake. My question is:
If I change my stake before the end of the day, can I lose my rewards for the day? When changing directly will I charge the next day? I think I’m going to delegate to a node that has over 1 million coins only. It seems that they can become very profitable.

Your delagation change will take effect after the next epoch, in the meantime you will keep staking at your previous choice.

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Thank you.

Hello guys,
Could you please clarify to me.What is this Epoch?What does it mean shall I delegeta from the beginning to each Epoch?Is there curent a problem with the servers because they are a bit buggy?Till when I am able to participate?

If you delegate to a pool you will start getting rewards after the actual and the next complete epoch. We are now in epoch 10 so if you delegate now, you will start staking from epoch 12 until you redelegate to another pool. Rewards are distributed always AFTER an epoch has ended. So you will see your rewards for epoch 12 in epoch 13 and so on.

Hello again guys,
I am already desperate with this staking.Staking was successful delegate but every time I didn’t receive nothing…furthermore I lost some amount of my coins in stake net which is pretty weird.
Dont know what to do…
Yoroi suppor is not responding me.

me, four epoch 0 rewards… and no answer from anyone … :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:_((((

Im having similar trouble with yoroi, except I am earning. However, I cannot see total balance or any transactions with stake pools , just rewards and total delegated. Service ticket put in, no response.