Addresses starts with stake.. denotes exactly what?


Addresses that start with a stake keyword (for e.g., stake1u8q3ld7sgyv35ysuaxvuwrdw8ensnvs9sw26qq75gmv8l8qz35pnv) denotes what?

Does this contain only rewards and transaction fees? Only withdrawal type of transaction happens with this? Means distribution of staking rewards to users?
When it’s credited to this stake account? internally? or we can see that in a transaction?

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This address only contains rewards from staking. Only by withdrawal you can use it. if you delegate from the first time from a wallet - then this stake key will be created automatically - only once for a wallet.

Got it. Thanks!

And internally rewards are getting added to this, right? We can’t see any credit type of transaction for this account from the APIs or explorer? this is not stored on the chain?

maybe that is stored in the ledger or can be calculated from the ledger - but yes, there is no transaction for getting the rewards…


One more question please, does it include only rewards, not transaction fees?

Only rewards, no fees. Transactions has fees, made on blockchain


So, fees deduction from account I can see from explorer/APIs. But not able to find that transaction fees are credited to some other account as reward or anything else. Can I find such transaction from explorer? any example?