Adrestia - linking payments to payees

Hi all,

I’m currently building a prototype using Adrestia and Godot Engine; to demonstrate using a multiplayer game as a faucet, funded with fADA (nothing graphical, pure tech proof).

Things are were going well, i.e. Adrestia enables me to set-up a wallet that is accessible and used as the faucet to payout. I can enable players to withdraw to their wallets, by them providing their address and then creating a transaction.

However, I’ve become stuck with my next backlog item. I would like to be able to have a player send to their game account; so they can use that as in-game money.

There is an Adrestia function to get a list of addresses which are used/unused; therefore I could ask a player to pay into a specific unused account and then associate the player session to this incoming address, which would be perfect. However, I can’t see any way to create more than that is allocated. Should/is there a way to do this ondemand? i.e. when they run out, I’d like to create a new one for every new player. In this way, I would know any fADA received in that address belongs to the associated player. Alternatively, a notes option is required in the send (which doesn’t exist).

Thoughts/help please??? What should the model be for this?

Kind regards

Carl (Crazy Career)

Oh, just playing with Daedalus. Are new unused addresses Automatically allocated by default???