AfroFinLab Podcast 12 / Bringing cheap, uncensorable internet to Africa using Meshnets : LIVE

Members of the Decentralized Movement:

We find ourselves sobered and amazed this weekend. We’ve been shaken by the weeks of violence and unrest in Nigeria. We’ve been elated to learn that [Liqwid Finance]( took first prize at the WyoHackathon’s Blockchain for Public Good competition.

We feel strength coupled with helplessness, we feel potential tempered by uncertainty. We know the only thing to do is to keep building the future that we know can exist, and that we gain encouragement sharing ideas in this community.

This week the AfroFinLab got together with Roberto C Morano, of the La Repsistance stake pool and Co-Founder of Gimba Labs, and Azeez a Nigerian living in Ireland. We delved into mesh networks, who owns the internet, decentralization and more.


Evolving community, evolving conversation, evolving consciousness.

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