After more than a week running, now the producer node get this exception "Could not update KES key" and stops

What is changed in the blockchain? I didn’t touch software nor configuration,
The producer node is in restarting loop,
the relay nodes are ok.
Any help is appreciated.

hi, you must renew your kes/opcert keys every 5 days in the testnet. it will be around 90 days on mainnet, this is a security features. so just make some new kes keys and a new opcert and restart your coreNode.

you can take a short look at my scripts on github (script 04c and 04d) on how to do that…

best regards martin

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Thanks a lot,
I’ve forgotten that.

I use CnTools
and I have a command to rotate the pool KES key.

Now the producer node is up and running.

as far as I can see, something went wrong when you created the pool,
i will restart from scratch, but first
try to download the latest cntools version,
using the instruction from

I’ll tell you what i have done.
I’ve built the cardano-node 1.14.2 version,
Then I did all from cntools,

  • create a new payment wallet wA
  • fund wA from the faucet or move funds from another wallet
  • upgrade wallet wA to stake wallet
  • create a stakePool SP
  • register pool SP giving as referring wallet wA

I hope this will help you,
let me know.

thanks. I actually solved this here:

I typed in the percent as 0.04 instead of just 4.
that is a gotcha after building the certs manually.