KES key expired one day before I made the pool

So i seem to be stuck in creating the KES key that’s somehow expired yesterday even tho the pool was created today. Can somebody help me?

Screenshot by Lightshot and Screenshot by Lightshot

Salut :slight_smile:

Which guide did u used? Also the producer is synced 100%? If not wait for the producer to sync

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We followed Eden guide. The producer is synced 100%.

Eden guide… so u have cntools right? Can u share the glive output? I think the Producer didn’t started as a Producer (core node)

did u modified the pool name line from env file? Be carefull there u should write the folder name (case sensitive) from priv/pool

also uncomment the line…

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Looking at the screenshot and having the fact the pool was created today I’m a bit confused by the number. Please can you confirm the date on the server is correct: $ date

We battle this issue for few days. The dates are right.

I have cntools and as I told you u are receiving it because the node is working as a Relay (at least on my tests)

Can u share the glive output?

We are bit more than beginners on the Cardano pool.

Exactly, the node is working as a relay

Check my guide - Step 9 (also check all steps, eden guide I think it’s not updated)

U will find how to edit the topology updater on relays (the producer has 0 IN peers)

We will try it ASAP and get back to you. Is a bit funny we discuss it in English as we are both Romanian.


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Scrie mi in priv daca ai nevoie de ajutor

Nu pot for some reason. Am contul doar de cateva ore, maybe?!? We will 1st check your guide to be sure we did not forget anything.

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