All of my ADA is gone! 13,800 ADA gone in 2 transactions!


So thankful to everyone for the healthy discussion. I’ve learned a lot and really hope others will too. Though I thought I was being super safe, I made a rookie mistake by trusting the Google Play Store. I was temporarily blinded by excitement that a mobile wallet had finally come out. I’m saving up and slowly buying back MY ADA. I’ll get it, and then some, eventually!

I’m definitely a bit shy about it but since someone asked, I’ll post the new wallet address below. I’m guarding this one and will NOT fall victim to foolish scams. One day I’ll put kids through college with the new ADA. Best of luck to all of you and thanks again for the positive discussion re: my post. Cheers!



I AGREE WITH EVERY WORD SAID! PRAISE THA LAWD! Someone is seeing the same things I see wrong with crypto. All mah money gone in one shot. What a way to go out. 2FA would be nice to have.

Btw…what control exist at the sever or admin level to prevent someone from hacking the location(s) where Daedalus is stored? What if someone installs a bad version of Daedalus and users get the auto update which includes a bug allowing for the theft of their Ada?

I’m thinking bad actor, disgruntled employee, greedy employee, etc.