All transactions stopped is this normal?

my relays and bp were producing transactions then it stopped all of a sudden. ive checked my ports, firewall, ufw, and ive also asked around just incase someone running into the same problem.

everything was fine then it stopped producing transactions. thank you everyone.

Hi Jon,

Are you running at home or on cloud?

Are your nodes in sync (on tip; slot/block height periodically increasing)?

query block height via:

cardano-cli shelley query tip --mainnet

If running from home, is it possible your ip is dynamic and has changed?

Did you ever run version 1.18.1 on on mainnet when d < 1? If so, there’s a good chance the database could be corrupted.

Do you have logging enabled which may give some clues?

Thanks in advance

Your friend, FROG

hey frog

im running it on google cloud.
yes all relays and BP synced with the correct block height.
everything was running great & i was getting a ton of transactions then it all stopped.
it was running great for about 2days then stopped.

i went straight to 1.19.0

The other possibility is that other nodes do not include your nodes in their topology. Do you have a system like installed on your relay(s) where you can verify (in this case, every hour in a log file default named topologyUpdater_lastresult.json) that you’re still being given to other relays as a peer?

In our early days we always got the tip moving along fine as soon as we had a proper list of other nodes in our own topology.json … but we didn’t see any transactions in our logfiles until had been running successfully for a few hours.

If like @ADAfrog says is possible you might have been on 1.18.1, don’t delete your whole DB directory… just the ledger directory it contains; it’ll made a huge difference in the mount of time it takes to get operational again…

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thank you i found out the automatic topology thing kept req update less than an hour apart so it did a temp black list on ip. so i try to redo my nodes and now the script is different from a few days ago so now something is wrong with the path to the cnode. I seen someone with the same post to fix the path but not quite sure how.

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