Alonzo Roadmap: Plutus Integration + Plutus Pioneer Program

Just got these amazing news from Cardano 360 March Edition 2021

:cardano: Alonzo Roadmap: Plutus Integration in Testnet

Plutus Pioneer Program

Join our new training program and become a certified pioneer for Plutus!

We are now launching our Plutus pioneer program. We are looking for developers to join us on a learning journey and then help us stress test our code before we officially release Plutus to the world!

Starts April 5th

Anybody wants to join Plutus Pioneer Program please apply here:

Source: Cardano Developers


Like many others and many more to come, I have fallen in love with Cardano. The mission to create a decentralized and redundancy minimized future has consumed me. I taught myself various topics such as Haskell programming, higher-order functions, free monads, lambda calculus, photonics, and the Curry-Howard correspondence. I would love to join the Plutus Pioneer Program to do my part. I have not received an email about the program after submitting my information and want to hear back.


Hi @JasonTribandis ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Try to send/apply again via the link. You will get e-mail to fill another form regarding your experiences & other stuff in programming.

But even if you are not selected on this 1st batch, there will be another batch also as far as I read somewhere. And there will be a class for Marlowe & Glow also for technical/non-technical people.

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Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I am glad to participate. If I do not get a responding email, where can I get information about the next batch? Also, how can I find information about Marlowe & Glowe?

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Hello Andrea,
I signed up via the provided link but didn’t get any reply.
where should I sign up to be kept up to date on the next batch of Plutus Pioneer Program?


This batch registration I think already closed. I don’t know when will be the next program. Stay tuned to IOHK blog,, Cardano Forum, Cardano360, Youtube, Twitter. Let’s see.

Same here - I didn’t get an email with an other application form.
Would be great to get notified somewhere when the next course starts!