Am I screwed?

So glad you recovered your Ada!

this thread made my day - beautiful. Glad you recovered your wallet and it’s wonderful to see the generosity in this community.


Beautiful! Maybe you can help me?
I am trying to restore my wallet and I get that “Invalid recovery phrase”.
I had copy/pasted mine, so there is no risk that I mis-typed or mis-spelled it.
Could it be an issue with the “Wallet name” field? That’s the field I didn’t copy or remember.

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In case you didn’t see my other message, I’m getting the “Invalid recovery phrase” message.
I looked at the word list you provided.
I had copy/pasted the phrase given to me on 2017-12-14 when I first installed the wallet so there is no chance of typo.
I see one of my words is no longer in your list: “tile”.
The closest match I see in your list is “tilt”.
So I tried subbing that in and it didn’t help. I’ll keep trying others but would appreciate if you have a better idea.
The most simple explanation is that you all changed the code since the version I had before.

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I haven’t recovered a wallet yet, but I’m pretty sure the Wallet name is a mandatory field.
You might want to look into that, because it may not be possible to recover without the wallet name.
(wish you luck! hope you can remember it!)

Actually, maybe the name isn’t important…

It helps to know - I’d love to know for sure - if the Wallet name matters.
But then I really need someone to address the fact that a word “tile” was generated for me back in December and is no longer in the list of possible words.
I’m betting I named the wallet ADA or ada or Cardano or CARDANO or cardano but multiple that combination by how many words might replace “tile” and I could spend all week trying out different combinations to try to recover my 5000+ cardano.
Foremost, I want to see an explanation of how “tile” disappeared from the list.
Is there an old version of Daedalus I can install for when it had that word in it?

Sorry I was away searching for Cardano hate on Reddit, instead I found a whole lot of shilling for other coins. Anyway, so I had a search on Cardano’s github and “tile” has never existed in their repository, so I cannot explain why you would get “tile”.

First off, can you confirm you really have 12 words?

If so, are the other 11 on the list?

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dude check out if you added a space at the end or a couple spaces. i did that with one of my LTC wallets. had a mental breakdown before finally figuring it out! or an extra space between words or something.

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The other 11 are on the list.
Thanks for asking and thanks for trying to help!

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I’m waiting on support to get back to me on whether the wallet name is
It sure didn’t say it was upon wallet creation.

Scott Swain
Acapulco: +52 1 744-354-6512
Austin: 512-696-8124
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since 1995

It’s good the other 11 are on the list.

If they are in the right order, either your first or last word is missing. Since the word list has 2048 words, there are only 4096 possibilities.

Good luck!

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Actually, you might be able to do better.

The last 4 bits of your recovery phrase is a checksum, while the first 128 bit is your seed. The checksum is the first 4 bits of the SHA256 of the seed. You can write a script to brute force the missing word.

128-bit security… oh boi!


Thanks! Do we know yet if the wallet name matters?
If not, then yes, the other thing I’m quite sure of is that all but the third word are correct.

Kept trying different words to replace the one wrong word and finally found it! YES!
That was scary. I can’t afford a loss like that.


OMG! Well done!

Spoke too soon, maybe.
Got in. But the wallet shows zero balance and not showing any transactions.
Ideas? Closed and re-opened Daedalus. Made no difference.

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Yea… Out of the 2048 words, on average 128 would pass the checksum. Keep trying :slight_smile: Good Luck!

random guess here, but is it possible when you did your copy/paste operation of the 12 seed words, your computer caused some type of auto-correct, and changed the words, spacing, or spelling? The tile/tilt issue is really strange…
You don’t have grammerly or any other autocorrect programs running do you? I have a hunch that the file you have with the “pasted” words was somehow changed, either by accidental user error, or your computer.
(not trying to place blame, just offering suggestions)