Am I screwed?

Hi, I forgot my password and I read that if I delete my wallet I could use my recovery key words to recover my wallet. I tried to use my 12 recovery words and when I type the first word, I would get an invalid recovery error. I am pretty sure I have the right words…

Is there anyway to get my coins back?

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Sounds like you botched your recovery/seed phrase when you copied it. I did the exact same thing before I deposited any ada into my wallet just to make sure I can recover the wallet, and it worked. Took forever- hope they optimize it, but eventually it restored the wallet. May I suggest next time you create a wallet, rather than writing it down by hand, take a screenshot of the phrase, and print it, then if you want to store it elsewhere like a password safe, type it by reading the paper.

Sorry, I doubt there is a way to recover your wallet without the seed phrase. Hopefully you didn’t have any Ada in it.


well I guess this is a expensive lesson learned. I usually write in all caps when write things down but it doesn’t make sense for my first word to be wrong with trying uppercase and lowercase.

If anyone can help me, I will give up 50% of my ADA to you.

Here is the list of words used by the wallet to generate your recovery phrase:

Perhaps you can match what you have written down to the closest words on the list.


This is probably quite helpful for recovering a lost wallet…
but wouldn’t this also be helpful when programing a bot to crack the recovery phrase? Does it make since for this list to be open source and public considering the small number of words?

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If you think you have the words, you probably just mixed up the order. perhaps try re-organizing the order of the words in your recovery phrase.

Extremely helpful. My first word isn’t even on the list but all the other words are. The first word I wrote down was Pack.

May be it was “pact”?

It’s not I tired.

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ok it was pact but I used all lowercase on the words and it worked.

Isteros please send me your address. thank you for helping me.


Was it:

abandon anxiety about account because brief broken budget can cause drama drink


xzact go ahead and send me your address as well for trying. thanks

Hey Thrax, I wasn’t expecting a reward, but if you feel like it, here’s my wallet address:


When my wallet finishes it’s back up. Ill send the coins to both of you. I deeply appreciate your help.


Thanks thrax. I am glad it helped.

I wasn’t expecting a reward either, although any tip would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here is my address:

Wow, I just received some ada from thrax too. Thanks man. Your generosity is much appreciated in this community.


Thanks thrax for the :ada:! Much appreciated!


It gives the “invalid recovery error” as soon as you start typing a letter. That message doesn’t go away until every letter of the whole 12 words gets typed out.

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Wow - so good to see the generosity and sharing of knowledge :smiley:


I agree! So awesome!

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