Cardano password

I have access to my cardano wallet but i don’t remmeber my pasword and i lost my 12 word recovery phrase.
How can i keep my coins if something bad happens.

Your 12 seed recovery phrase is the key to your VAULT (wallet)
The seed should be backed up, verified and secure first before you put any amount in to your wallet.

You cannot transfer your funds to another wallet if you don’t have the spending password.
You can restore your wallet as long as you have the seed phrase and set a new spending password.
If you don’t have the seed phrase and something happens to your computer then your done, your ADA in lost forever.

If you lost you 12 words and can’t remember your password your ADA’s will be stuck in the wallet.
You won’t be able to do anything with them.

If I were you I would try to remember hard to get your password and send the ADA’s to a new wallet.
If you really can’t remember then create a new wallet and buy some new ADA :slight_smile:

All above comments value gold and should be followed.
Sometimes we win. sometimes we learn.

A sad teaching that human kind faces since we want to follow evolution.
Hope 1 day you will remember that spending password.
Good luck.

password recovery&oe forgot pass? try to contact admins

Sorry, I see you’re new here, but either you read very carelessly and don’t know this is about an ADA wallet, or you have absolutely no idea how it works. There is no admin!