I got into my old wallet, but i forgot my spending password

I forgot my spending password, but i have access to my old wallets. is there any way to reset my spending password without the key phrase?


No, u will need the seed words to restore the wallet in case u forgot the spending password;


Hey Alex,

I was able to get back all of my ADA!

just wanna thank you for helping me through out the week getting my funds back in my hands.

I appreciate everything you guys are doing!




Great to hear!

Happy delegation!


I have a question about the spending password. I originally had the wallet 3 years ago when I first bought Cardano. I’ve upgraded the wallet but need either spending password or seed phrase to access the coins. I can see them in the wallet The phrase/password are in another country and I don’t know when I can get them. Would I have created the password or would it have been generated for me? Thanks for any help. The reason I ask is I’ve tried most of the password variations that I used at the time in crypto and none have worked yet.


If there is a simple wallet (no hw wallet) then when u created the wallet u set a name for the wallet and a spending password along with the seed words.

If u don’t remember the spending password u will need the seed words to restore the wallet.


Thank you. Hopefully someday I can get back or figure out the password. The coins are visible in the new wallet and it says Byron beside. Just can’t do anything with them right now. Thanks again.