Amazon AWS (pool stake operators) Whats the best / cheapest setup?

I am wondering what everyone is using right now. I have t3large (2 core 8 gig ram) on reserve 1 year no upfront. About $154 a month for 3 . Seems pretty high. I know the t4g are cheaper, but use ARM processors.

Edit: Seems a t3large (reserve, no upfront cost) is about 0.0516 x 24 hours x 30 = $37.152 (not including the EBS SSD) x 3 servers $111.456

I am using this plan from contabo



That is a cheap deal but I would have to start all over :o:

That’s really good pricing. Thanks for sharing! Do you have any gripes about Contabo? Also, how’s their uptime and customer service?

since september no issues;


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I’ve been really happy so far with Linode. I am on their shared CPU plan: 4GB RAM, 2 CPU, 80GB storage for $20/month. I then add in $5/month for backup

$75/month total for 3 servers…not too bad. If you Google Linode you can see a $100 credit in the advertisements or I can send you my referral code too if you message me.



t3a.medium instances with 1GB gp3 swap and a gp2 disk for the data works pretty well… I have two paid for 3 years… I’ve had a single server for longer than I’ve had two of them… I originally used jormungandr on the same server.

You should really use at least one instance per node… However I have managed to get two copies of cardano-node on the same t3a instance with 4 GB swap… but switching epochs was almost killing the server and I had a few out of memory issues when I tried to run cncli… because it was using almost the whole swap space… it did find blocks though.

If you are serious about running the stake pool, its better off going for reserved instances on AWS. I’d recommend to do reserved 3 year standard. I forget the exact numbers, but you’d save up to 75%. In addition, paying partial or full upfront will save a little bit more too.

My current setup in AWS has evolved over time but looks like the following:

Block Producer: C5.xlarge (4CPU at 3.6Ghz, 8Gig Ram)
Relay US West: T3.large (2CPU as 2.5Ghz, 8Gig Ram)
Relay US East: T3.large (2CPU as 2.5Ghz, 8Gig Ram)

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new version 1.26.1 has a lot of performance improvements

I move my Producer at home (Bare metal server);
CPU I5-9500T ( Cores: 6 Threads : 6) - 32G - 256 SSD and I am very happy :slight_smile:



We have a fully automated stack based on autoscaling groups in AWS. New nodes takes 2 minutes to be fully operational AND synced with full DB.
We started using t3a instances too but I noticed that we would chew the cpu credit and it would require cpu credit buy back (which is automatic on t3 btw).
So we migrated to more standard instances as mentioned @BugBounty3 , more m5a instances but same spirit.
In the meantime we worked on compiling cleanly cardano-node and cardano-cli on aarch64 architecture (ARM). Got a nice success so we moved to the arm based instances.

AWS is great if you use it smartly with all the tools (automation, autoscaling, mutliple AZ/Region, etc …). You can then leverage all the benefits and keep the price under control for a great result and awesome resilience. If you are just login in the console to click and get an EC2 instance, you can get cheaper elsewhere, but probably not as reliable.
We are linux/cloud profesionnals so this is our bread and butter, I understand it might not be easy for everyone. I’ll start writting article about all this and distributing the ARM compilation we had.

@Alexd1985 Is 1.26.1 lastest stable yet ? I though it was not flagged as such.

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Still in testing…

Ok yeah thanks, I’ll avoid it in prod then. Probably wiser.

Crazy prices. Do they have private networks between servers? I couldn’t find the info on their website.

huh… I don’t know; I didn’t used

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. With our current host we are able to have a private network between our servers (192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x). This means that our BP accept only 1 incoming connection from internet: SSH. The BP server is communicating with the relays trough the private network so isolated from the internet (except for SSH).

I understood ur question :slight_smile: but I didn’t used private network, u can ask them.
They will answer to any question!
Anyway… I moved my producer at home, and now it’s behind to a private network :slight_smile: