An open sourced guide to building Decentralized Courier Protocols: Request for Developer Assistance

Good afternoon! I’m Watson, a student interested in learning and developing my full stack skills.

I have spent the last 2-3 years working on a concept for the next pillar to a decentralized society coined “Decentralized Courier Protocols (DCPs)”, and I am working on creating an MIT Open Sourced guide to how to enable freedom in material, commerce and goods trade in Peer to Peer networks. I am working with a friend named Pedro, and we are both contributors to Pigeon Courier DAO LLC (However, this article is not affiliated), and we’d love to talk to developers in the Cardano community to help expand on the technological documentation required to truly enable production of DCPs in all blockchain ecosystems.

If you are someone interested in learning more about this, please reach out to me on Cardano, or via discord (Watson.pgn#9799) and we can collaborate and talk further! We have currently written 8 pages of this guide, however, we expect to write another dozen or two, and we’d love all the contribution possible. I think Cardano is a special point of interest for me personally, however I have been learning Solidity development for sakes of the Pigeon being an L2 Protocol – so I would love to talk to someone who can help ensure this idea is built and designed in Haskell.

This is the current document if you are eager to read it – I would appreciate any feedback! I hope to help Cardanos community thrive by enabling true entrepreneurship to individuals around the world by creating free market exchange without corporations or middlemen. Thanks!

(* Any seasoned developer who can help create technical documentation would be great! Thanks again *)