Greetings from Yeehaw Nebraska!

Hey there! I’m Watson Lewis-Rodriguez, an entrepreneur, developer, photographer and boxer! I do whatever I can to make my life enjoyable while working towards social goods and take a philanthropic approach to everything in life.

I’ve gotten into Web3 at the start of Covid with my now cofounder Noah, we are actively building a decentralized peer to peer courier network where drivers anywhere in the world can become entrepreneurs through delivering packages and goods! We’re still developing it, however we’re excited for the next bull cycle. We’ll be sharing the project in EthCC events, and global blockchain conferences. (Pigeon DAO, if you’re interested.)

However, I’m not here to shill that idea whatsoever, I’d love to get involved in Cardano, and after listening to a few of Charles videos, his mindset and motivation towards blockchains and cryptography has widened my eyes to what is considered possible in Web3. Because of that, I also have 2 ideas that I’d like to issue to developers, leaders and entrepreneurs in Cardano and I’d love to involve my time ensuring Cardano succeeds.

What else… I live in Omaha NE, so if you’re local and want to catch up on some technical ideas, give me a reach and lets build! I was born in Chicago and lived in the UK for half of my life, now I’m in the middle of nowhere behind the computer designing and developing applications for the thrill of it! I’m about to graduate with an associates in BizManagement, however if I receive scholarships, I will pursue computer programming as a transfer (if it’s possible!)

Here are some useful links:

Please reach out if you’d like to expand your network! I have useful resources for newer developers and entrepreneurs wanting to get started in Web3! Thanks gang.