And again

Give the man a break ffs!

Everyday e-mailing?

This aren’t “giveaway” scams; they are greed and stupidity scams.

Watch out, you may be the next!


What does it take to create a twitter/reddit/instagram account; I only use telegram.

We as a community could create a group managing the acc’s created and so on, with the solely purpose of spread information about the scams.

We can edit hoskinson’s videos and take what’s most important and so on.

We just need to be 5/10, altough the much the better, create a telegram private group and coordinate from there.

Ideally would be good to have someone from the 5 continents, as you may know the ISP’s don’t quite work uniformally around the globe. May be hard for me as european to reach the south/latin america and so on.

Interested PM.


There is no way to educate people who refuse to learn or do not even attempt to learn anything.

Like most things it’s usually better before it gets popular. Especially when that popularity comes before it is completely prepared for adoption or the popularity is at an unprecedented scale that was never anticipated.

In the late 1990s it was great when I could email random people I met online and exchange files without any real concern of viruses. Now I automatically delete all messages with an attachment on my computer dedicated to the unsafe purposes of email and web browsing.

In the the early 2000s I would allow anyone on my IRC/IM/etc channels where we would talk about programming, video games, and nerdy stuff. Now I barely participate in any online platforms and have deleted all but one of my social media accounts.

Many many years ago I had a friend who was obsessed with blockchain but had no technical skills so we discussed the potential, possible projects, and how to approach this new technology. Now I have no idea if they got scammed or if they are a “crypto whale”.

Shit changes. You either change with it and learn or you don’t. If you think Warren Buffet’s advice from the 1970s applies to you when you have less than $100 billion in the US stock market today then I got bad news for you friend. For the rest of us losers who actually worked for a living and learned hard skills there is an opportunity.

If you watch YouTube, infomercials, or frankly any commercials at all then GTFO! This is not for you. Especially if you do not understand that YouTube is mostly selling you bullshit in the 21st century by punctuating misinformation and scams with commercial advertisements.

This is for people who made billions for corporations while earning pennies per thousands. This is for people who never had a chance to participate in the world economy. This is for people that did something to better the world in a world that didn’t reward people who actually mattered.

Unfortunately there are people taking advantage of people who should NOT be here … this is where scams, NFT crazes, and more bullshit is spawned. The blind lead the blinder into fraud that benefits nobody.

New Rule: If you do nothing good … you get nothing good!

Actually that’s an old rule but a lot of fools forgot it :wink:

You mean like this? :slight_smile:

or this :slight_smile:

Many of us are spreading the word already, but if YouTube algorithm recommends scam channels there is just nothing we can do about that. Scammers usually steal channels with 100,000 subs or more. It’s very hard to fight that algorithm.

I hope they use their machine learning capabilities to figure out behavior of freshly stolen channels, THAT would help. :tv:

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Thanks for the video, thats exactly it! Altough I would love to have a loop of “we do not give away ADA”, something like gandalf loop! xD

@Neo_Spank most of the people who get YT scammed, if not all, have social networks; if we can’t fight on YT we must take to to the facebooks and so on.

If you get to help 10 out of 1000 people that’s already worth it.


@Dinodude you may already had the opportunity to read that I share your opinion.

Nevertheless, something must be done indeed.