Don't forget: "We will NEVER giveaway ADA!"

Since the topic is always buzzing around here and Hoskinson reminded people, again, from twitter, here it goes:



I wish I could know early, just got scammed on YT for about 550 ADA tokens… Oh Gosh!!

I can’t believe all of the ADA gone from scams. BILLIONS. And I‘m here pledging >100,000ADA to my 0 margin Prophet (XPPX) pool and hoping for a delegate to drop $1…:sob:

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Why not to combine all our claims and file claim with digital police to I cedtifate them.

You think we can do something? I don’t know…


At least we can make a move. And not just to swallow this. It is hard to hide and hard to cash out. They have to cash out it somehow and it is not easy

I think your information is not up to date. He returned money fully.

Anyway I am not begging anyone to join but I make my own claim. Already won 1 mln dollar suite on another occasions.

Anyway Cardano owns network and they be instead of warning just be proactive and block suspicious transaction until investigation. It just takes one person. To face charges and this be stopped. But may be Cardano is not interested in this. Particularly I wrote to them and gave them links. They can crop you tube in second by just not doing them that their names are used. They do not do anything’s

Stop please having Stockholm sundown.

You kind of mixed the posts; anyway.

Do what you think you must/need/can/may.

Piece of advice, since you are obviously not interested in understanding what I told you, create your own YT/telegram/w/e channel and insurge yourself against the ADA scammers!

Here you won’t be doing nothing rather than spam.


You do not need to mentor anyone here. This chat for holders of Cardano. Your info is outdated anyway and except for arrogant me to shop you provide no feedback. Follow other topics if you have nothing contscutiove to offer except for “nothing can be done”

You’re absolutely right, I was just politely showing you the way out. AAHH sorry! The way for you actually DO something instead of coming here just to COMPLAINT.

Let me get this straight, you still got to keep some funds? You weren’t fully debased?! Aww man! Great!

As you well said this is for holders (is it?).

You’re right, my info is outdated! Thank me that I at least got you to get yours correct.

Not as it means something, but I actually created this topic.

Nevertheless I assure you I will stop tracking it. Keep the useless crying spam going!


This is childish échange. Of course no one would invest all capital In one currency like Cardano.

This is redicoilous. You also do not
Get get the sence of my message but I think Charles does. No one is crying here. No one feel it is the end of th world but I do not understand how Carson can not make effort and tolerate criminals who now will likely to be staking carabin because they can not cash it out.

It seems you feel very powerless about you but other are not. Charles
Actually suggested great plan to take action against you tube.

But your professional suggestions are of no value.

Fucks sake! I just lost 7k! Yes ima fukn idiot! Every cent i had!

Damn it, i’m so sorry to read all those people getting scammed.

Just yesterday evening I wanted to get some information on ADA by youtube and a LIVE Video was streamed regarding this f**** giveaway and figured at FIRST result !!!
SO YES , f**** social media giant companies don’t give a ***** about our concerns.

We people have to efficiently use our brain to build our new financial , THEY will never help us.

So take care of your money ! And think TWICE before making any kind of investment.