New scam running on Youtube! Beware please

Please be aware, that a new scam in running on youtube again.
Looked to good to be true, then remembered reading in here, that Charles would never give back free coins.
Be advised, following link will lead to the running scam: [Link removed by @Zyroxa]
Scam site: [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Stay safe and user your common sense. :slight_smile:

Yes I saw the channel “Charles Hoskinson” on my YouTube feed doing a “Live Stream” (with comments/chat disabled of course). It looked like an old live stream to me so I clicked on the CH channel and lo and behold, no previous videos there. It is a spoof of CH’s own YouTube channel with the fake giveaway offers that have ensnared so many. I immediately flagged it to YouTube and explained the fraud in progress.

Thanks for report, and i can ask why @Zyroxa remove the links? why remove the link that are promoting the scamm? we need see the link to be advised and later we can report it in the correct platform in this case youtube! thanks

@Zyroxa currently i am seeing the guidelines for report a scam site, and the guidelines talk abount we can not promote links becase give up in the algorithms, but is not all true because if we promote links with the scamm keyword all people when look about these site link can see the forum or other forum that report these thiefs, thanks and sorry for mention you in my first reply =)