New Scam

Apparently there is a new scam: a fake Charles Hoskinson You Tube channel. It uses an old interview with Ivan on Tech to proclaim an alleged ADA givaway on the occasion of the Shelley launch.

Below the video there is a link to a website which falsely names Charles Hoskinson as the author of the text and the Cardano Foundation as the initiator of the “giveaway”.

(Edited: links removed)


Thanks for reporting. Would you mind editing the hyperlinks so that they are not clickable anymore? Thanks!

I have edited the links to the scam channel and the related website. Is this as it is now okay or should I remove the links completely?

Better to remove them completely now. Thanks for flagging

Okay, I removed all links.

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Thank you for your vigilance @MaCarAda!
We appreciate it!

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