Scam and Fraud List (Who, where to alert?)

In this youtube link, that claims to be live there is a ADA send 1 get 2 back Display showing next to charles. How can we report these scams? Is there a working group in cardano cleaning?
“Link removed” yet its still out there on youtube.

First of all posting the link to the scam in the forum isn’t the brightest idea right?

I recommend you to edit your post.

Secondly, you must report it to YT; what can we do about a YT upload?

To my knowledge none of the Cardano branches is acting directly upon trying the removal of such uploads.


Charles said there will be something. But is there a contact point anywhere?

I do believe the forum to be one of the first places where the group creation will be announced, probably by CF, until then we shall wait.

Thank you for removing the link; we don’t want anyone saying that got scammed following up that link. :wink:


EDIT: Meanwhile save the link somewhere, when the time comes you can share it properly.

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