Can someone please help

Hi, and sorry to bother any/everyone here and Thankyou in advance for taking the time but can anyone please forward this response to a real person, i would greatly appreciate it. i was wondering if the [link removed by @Zyroxa] thing is real or a scam. thanks. Sorry if this was answered or covered somewhere already.

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In case this message reaches you before the moderators catch this thread: this is definitely a scam and you would definitely lose all the funds sent to that address on the site. In general: anything you see like this is a scam.


Okay Thankyou, yea it was posted on a YouTube page with Charles Hoskinson talking it looked or seemed legit but I thought it also seemed like a scam hence why I wanted to ask here I thought it was actually a Hoskinson page/video I’ll see if I can find it and send you the link

Most of the times, these arw scams my friend, be careful!