Hey I think I'm watching a live scam.. Can anyone verify and help report it?

[Link removed by @zyroxa]

Check that livestream … I think its a scam. Help me Report it if so?

Thanks in Advance

Yes thats a scam! There are no give aways ever!

i just wanted people to report it so youtube would take it down… im not trying to benefit from it

Yes im aware of that but by posting it you dont really help anyone.

There are hundreds of such streams live on Youtube. Thats why we are trying to educate people on every channel.

Ok then. Thank you . Now I’ve learned my lesson to not spread such links in here and just report and move on .
I do apolegize by posting it in the first place. I’m fairly new to the community and did not know what our stance was in such regards.
Again, sorry my bad for putting it up on our forum.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking care of the community! :slight_smile: