Live stream scamM ads on youtube

[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

There are dozens of such scam streams on Youtube. Report them is the only thing we can do but please do not spread those links here in the forum.

yes @Zyroxa i report many times in youtube they use fakes account with alot of fake suscribers to promote these kind of malicious acts :frowning:

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Got scammed so hard lost 2917 ada to addr1q97x7tnnjumxgjv3nq98ym77unk8pva5xuh54flcycsgq72zjgrc8aq7eqyr0fh8zwk72up4epcz75p8ax8tnlxt3q4sctcjwn. cant believe I’m this stupid. I feel like crying

I know how you feel bro, i just got scammed as well…

sad history my friend :frowning: today i report around 4 youtube channels that are using hacked old youtube accounts showing live stream with giveaways porpouses. I report and report but youtube team not take action…

It isn’t about stupidity.

There are a lot of other factors to bear in mind; IMHO you aren’t stupid just beacuse you got scammed. And you don’t need to feel like that.

Stupidity is blamming everything and everybody besides yourself, which you didn’t, so, recover and move on.


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I just got scammed out of 100 ADA. I feel like an idiot. Glad i didnt get greedy and send all my ADA. But lessons learned.

My advice is to “pass the word”; and by that I mean to tell your friends/family/connections that may be interested in holding.

We have a saying in Portugal that goes by, “quando a esmola é grande, o pobre desconfia”; which roughly means, when the alms is big, the poor gets suspicious.

Simple as that when comes to this kind of scams.


same happened with me, got scammed hard… any way to contact these guys