Announcing the stake pools chosen for October 2022

Congrats to all selected!
Awesome initiative CF to reward those who are spreading the word and working on the scaffold to build the future with Cardano.

Agree. Also a video promotes the relevance of building and educating.

Congratulations to all. :clinking_glasses:

Here at lidonation when great things happen we say,


Congratulations to the selected pools! Many known builders of the ecosystem :clap:
However I must say it would have been better to support the 58 from the shortlist. I did this small poll (264 votes) on Twitter asking the Cardano community if the Foundation should change the methodology to help more builders with less funds and 85% seems to agree. Maybe CF can run a bigger poll from their twitter account or using the system to vote for the speakers in the Summit? @adatainment


Thank you very much for the mention, small pool, but I´ll be here no matter what.


Congratulations to all selected Stakepools :100:


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That is what we like to hear @zhekson keep up the good work.


Congratulations everyone - thanks for all your hard work! :partying_face:

I saw that tweet and tried to comment, but worth to do it here also because there is way more space in the forum. The conclusion is understandable: “you have shortlisted 70 pools and you delegate to 45 why not just increase to 70?” - worth mentioning that there is a requirement to have about double the amount of pools shortlisted (If doable) that we can delegate to.

This is to make sure that the team who works on the evaluation does not have a direct influence on the delegations. (A different team does random draw) So increasing the number of packages to 70 would also increase the number of shortlisted pools to 140.

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Congratulations to the selected pools! Very happy that MOAI received an honorable mention.

:partying_face: Congratulations all selected!
:man_technologist: Good work all those who were shortlisted for building on Cardano.

Well done! Chosen pools deserve it! Congrats! :tada:

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Congratulations on all selected stake pools :tada: :cardano:

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Congrats to all those that received the delegation


Wouldn’t it be more fair if those who made it to these honorable mentions and short lists, AND who still haven’t received a delegation before, be given a better chance in the draws?

Several pools have been “very lucky” to have been selected multiple times consecutively while some haven’t ever been selected, though they have made it to these lists.

Those selected from the immediately preceding round probably should be excluded already from the current draw… or if that makes the list too short, at least they should be weighted less in the draw. This should give better chances to those pools who haven’t been lucky enough to get chosen, ever, but still continue contributing.



To those of you who received delegation awards, congratulations!

For those who did not, you may feel disappointed… you’re invited to participate in an exciting conversation about making ADA available to IOG, Cardano Foundation and EMURGO employees for delegations to stake pools:

Of course, anyone is welcome to join the conversation and offer comments, critical feedback, support, or simply witness the discussion. Feel free to forward the links, as well.