Any CLI interface without having to download a full node?

I have some cold private keys and delegated through CLI a long time ago… Since then things have changed and it’s a big project to update/make a full node running on my Mac. I basically just need the utxo for one address and to submit transaction (all other signing and building transaction stuff I can do on my cold machine). Is there something similar online? I saw this ~ API Documentation but I just don’t understand how I run it. When I enter my address in the url given as an example to get the utxo ({address}/utxos) it gives me an error message saying “include a project”.

Thank you very much for helping!

Nope, u will need a synced node in order to use cardano-cli

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ok thank you for your answer. Then I’ll have to dig deep into these then?: blockfrost - How can I create a serialized transaction that can be submitted to the blockchain without a local full node? - Cardano Stack Exchange

Or, do you have a link that says how do I update my node? I have a node from the Allegra era that stops at ~slot number 39 million.

Thank you very much

Do u remember if u used coincashew guide or cntools when u built the node?

No I didn’t. I used the official docs.cardano and built the node from source.

Can u share the link?

I have to say the documentation changed a lot since then. This is the link to create a node from image, but I built it from source code. So it would better look like this what I did: cardano-node/ at master · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

Ok, so u are using docker version…

let’s see

type cd /usr/local/bin

ls -l (share the output)

And also cd $NODE_HOME what files/folder do u have here?

total 0

I have the Cardano-node folder and several other local folders and some useless old keys

anyway, before to starr I will recommend to bkp (downlood) on an USB all pool and wallet files (in case u have )

But u didn’t ran a pool right? So no pool files, but maybe u have another files which you will not to lose them

No, I’ve got nothing to backup. All my keys are on paper.

Ok, so u have nothing to lose right?
what is the laptop hw configuration?

No. I can basically wipe out my machine and build a new node, it’s just that I’m looking for an easier way since I’m already at an advanced stage at slot 39 million.

I have an Ubuntu virtual machine with 4GB of RAM allocated on my MacBook Pro mid 2014. I’ve always used this machine that worked perfectly since June 2020 for the Cardano node.

Hmm 4G is not enough… can u set to 6 or 8G? The cardano version 1.31.0 use ~10G but we can optimize it to use only 5-6G

Yes I can give it 6G

Ok, then increase it and tell me… do u want to use the cntools or coincashew guide? Cntools has a GUI interface for transactions… but u can also choose to create them manually

I don’t know, let’s go with Cntools.

Ok, can u reinstall/refresh the OS on VM? Also it is running an Ubuntu version?

Ok I will. It’s ubuntu 20 desktop. I will come back here once all is done (perhaps not today)

ok, tell me when you did it to provide you the steps… so basically you will want only one cardano-node to perform transactions right?

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