Create transaction without full node


I have tried to find some information on creating transactions using keys I generated with cardano-cli but no luck so far: what I am trying to do is sign and submit a transaction without having a full node. I shut down and removed my full node in the cloud but still have the keys I generated and can’t find any information on using the private keys with another wallet to create a transaction.

Ideally I would just import the private keys and create a transaction with Yoroi or the desktop wallet (there is an import function but does not appear to support keys created by cardano-cli).

Can anyone help out? I just want to transafer ADA from A to B but it’s so complex and I hope does not require a full node, otherwise I have to go through all that again just for a simple transaction!

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You will need a full synced node :frowning:
If u will use cntools shiuld be easy for u since the cntools is a friendly interface for performing transactions


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Wallet apps can just handle wallets, whole families of key pairs derived from a seed phrase. They cannot handle the single random key pairs created by cardano-cli.

It might be possible to create, sign, and submit a transaction with cardano-serialization-lib and, but that will at least require some programming.

So, if you are not into that, starting up a node again, is probably the easiest way.

If you have Daedalus, you can use the node running inside it and do not have to install another one.

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You can create a transaction with cardano-cli transaction build-raw without using a cardano-node, and you can submit a transaction to a submit-api endpoint, you don’t need to run a full node.
You can find a submit-api URL on my stake pool’s website, or many on the website.

Ah, yes, true. You need to replace the steps of finding the UTxOs and calculating the fees in the usual guides, though. These need a running node.

Are you aware of a good guide?

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You can see the UTxOs using a transaction explorer.
You don’t need a node for cardano-cli transaction calculate-min-fee, you actually don’t even need to calculate the minimum fee, you just set the fee to 200000 lovelace and that should cover the fee for almost any normal transaction.