Any tips on how to install CNTools on cold machine (air gapped)

Hello everyone, first time posting here.

I want to add the cntools to my cold machine running ubuntu 20.04, it already have the cardano-cli copied over and working. But considering that the installation of cntools requires downloading and script running how can I install it to an offline machine? Any tips appreciated!

And yes, I already did a search and saw the answers to similar questions but they all seemed very confused about what a cold machine actually is.


can u try to download the cntools files from live server and move to the cold machine? should be located on scripts folder (there are 2-3 files) and also you will need to create the priv folder with pool/wallets folders inside


Ok, thank you I will try to simply copy it over. I was concerned that it would not work after I took a look at the pre-requisites script. Do you know if I have to copy anything that script downloads/installs too?

prerequisits just created the folder structure and downloaded the scripts

Ok, thanks a lot!

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Why do you want to install cntools on the cold machine?

I find it very useful to use CNtools on my air gapped node to perform a quick and easy KES key rotation. Also for signing transactions and making/restoring backups.

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Exactly, and, also to create the cold key pairs that you never want to expose.