Cntools offline setup


Can anyone please explain how to setup cntools offline machine to use for cold keys?
I copied the cardano-cli and the script directory from the core node but cntools did not start?

Thank you,

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Do you see any error there?

Also, you have to run with -o parameter, if not, the cntools is expecting the socket node is available (which is not as the node is offline)

. / -o

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Hi rafek47,

Thank you for helping, what I meant is that do I need to install a full cardano node with cabal/cardano build on the offline machine? or is it just a matter of copping the cardano-cli binary from the core node ?

I did, but I don’t think it is necessary.
I had some troubles to start cntools offline too, so I’ve finally installed the whole node, but later I figured out that the problem was related to anything else.
Try to copy it and send some output.